Patient Support

Reach out to those who can help you on your journey

As you get ready for your surgery, support from your friends, family and healthcare team will make things much easier for you. Now that you’re starting a new, healthier lifestyle, it’s important to reach out to caring people in your life for help and encouragement. Plus, you can share your weight loss success together.

Let your loved ones help

Getting your family and friends involved will help ensure your success, so it’s important to guide them to understand the surgery and weight loss process. Bring a loved one to a seminar, or your appointment so they can better understand how to support you throughout your journey. The more they know, the more supportive they can be.

You’ve got an entire team

Our entire team is here to offer valuable support. In addition to your healthcare team, the “The Lean Team” support group organizes patients and staff to help you stay positive, focused and motivated. The support group team consists of people who are making, or have successfully completed, the same transformative journey that you’re beginning. Their experiences can inform and inspire you. “The Lean Team” meets quarterly starting at 5:30pm at WindberPlace.  At 6:00 PM, we begin our presentation for that month.

Support comes from within, too

Don’t forget another important person you can look to for support is yourself. You can develop a journal and other motivational goals to track your successes on your way to achieving your weight loss goals.

Celebrate every success

And speaking of goals, remember to measure your success in more than just lost pounds: shopping for new clothes in your new size. Feeling healthier. Enjoying exercising. Whatever your personal milestones, make sure you and your loved ones celebrate all of them as you progress on your weight loss journey.

2017 Support Group Meetings:

  • Jan 16th – Emotional Impact of Weight Loss Surgery
    Derek Berkebile MSW, LSW, ACHP-SW, CMH
  • April 18th – Importance of Exercise in Weight Management
    Lori Delic, exercise physiologist
  • Aug 15th – Myths and Facts on Weight Loss
    Marian Bellack, RN
  • December 5th – Holiday Meal Planning
    Pam Rose, RD, LDN
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Alleghenies Surgical is proud to serve the Johnstown area to include the surrounding Cambria and Somerset counties. We have a team of highly trained professional staff members that are dedicated to handling your surgical needs. Our surgeons are highly experienced and caring surgeons. They offer weight loss (bariatric) surgery, minimally invasive (laparoscopic) general surgery procedures, as well as endoscopy (scopes) services. In addition to providing scheduled and emergency general surgical services for patients, we also specialize in anti-reflux surgical procedures like the LINX procedure.

Alleghenies Surgical specializes in a variety of metabolic and bariatric surgical procedures like the Lap-Band, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Bypass procedures for weight loss.

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